More than just a Police App

You're already PROTECTING your community, now SERVE them better with the official app for Police departments.

Facing challenges in public communications, information sharing or with providing easy access to online services?

Can't update your website?

Public safety information needs to be published fast and sometimes on weekends when City hall is closed. CityGuards enables you to send updates in real-time.

Facebook getting out of hand?

Has social media backfired on you? Are people reading headlines and not the full responses from the department? Take back control of the news narrative.

Too many calls and walk-ins?

Everyone's on mobile. Share information, online services and provide easy access to send CrimeTips and share feedback- all without user registration-- freeing up time for actual police work.


Type "cops" and try it firsthand


Type "cops" and try it firsthand

Community Policing. Made Easy.

Built for Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), the CityGuards Police app helps you to develop the department’s positive reputation and build public trust. It ties to your social channels, has a website option and best of all -- it's an easy to use turnkey solution with no IT requirements for police departments of any size.


For communities of ANY SIZE. With CityGuards, it's easy to manage the mobile-app and social channels in one place. How would you like to manage the PD website or webpage on the City website all from a single user-friendly portal that anyone can easily operate? Ask us how!

1 - 2,500 in Population

No community is too small. Our smallest Police customer serves a population of just under 1,000 residents.



2,501 - 5,000 in Population

Being small doesn't mean you can't have modern technologies just because you have smaller budget.



5,001 - 7,500 in Population

No additional overhead or technical resources needed. Do the things you're already doing - only better.



7,500+ in Population

Our bigger customers serve populations in the millions. CityGuards is built to scale without you worrying about it.

Check out what clients say

"CityGuards lets our citizens and officers actively engage with one another. It allows residents access to Police news, events, alerts and the ability to submit an anonymous tip."

Chief Frank Trammer, Stockbridge

“The feedback we’ve been getting from community groups is that they really like CityGuards our staff are saying the same so everyone seems to be pretty happy with it.”

Lieutenant M. Mahan, San Bernardino

"Community Policing Services is easier with CityGuards police app. Citizens can quickly find services, access information and receive focused local notifications for things they care most." 

Chief B. Gurley, Brookhaven

Here's what "hands on" CityGuards Officers say:

Real people, real stories, real pictures.

Officer V. Frazier, Criminal Information Systems Technician | South Fulton PD

"CityGuards helps to ease questions customers have, we direct them to CityGuards and it saves time. Publishing information is very easy and quick, the graphics are neat and clean. The search feature takes you directly to what you’re looking for. The experience has been outstanding it has drastically cut down on foot-traffic to our precincts because it directed people of where the nearest location is. It lets us keep the community engaged with information and events that we are doing and have alerts when anything new have been published. Citizens can get familiarized with our command team and community and patrol officers."

Officer C. Moore, Community Policing Unit | Brookhaven PD

"We believe in community policing in BPD, our Chief and officers are executing on this methodology in the field, daily. CityGuards helps us with achieving this goal with simplicity and ease. It saves time to login and post to Facebook and the portal is easy to use and works from my patrol car laptop. I like that anyone can use it for free and without the need to sign in. ITsimple team is very responsive and supportive with our requests and also provide graphics support as needed."

Interested in finding out more? Give our friendly team a shout.